Au-Pair Course

The Zimbabwe German Society/Goethe Zentrum Harare offers special German language courses  in order to prepare Zimbabweans who want to go to Germany  as Au-Pairs.

You can participate in an Au-Pair Class in three different sessions:

Au-Pair Course – Duration 4 Months

Full Au-Pair Course (Mon – Fri) 9:00am – 13:00pm
Cost $1200 inclusive A1 and A2 tuition, exam fee, textbooks, access to library resources and translation of three documents.

Au-Pair Component ONLY (FRIDAYS)
Cost: $120

Please find further information here: 2017 Language Courses

What is an “Au-Pair”?

An Au -Pair is a young person aged 18 to 24, unmarried with no children, going abroad (Germany) for a temporary period of time and living with a host family. Whilst living abroad, the new temporary family member assists his or her host family with childcare and light household work.

Incidentally, the term Au- Pair is French and means “by mutual agreement”. Therefore, an Au- Pair  receives pocket money of 260 Euros, live free of charge with their host family, just as a regular family member, and share meals with the family. The monetary allowance and amount of working hours are defined by the regulations of the respective host country. The main objective of an Au- Pair placement is the mutual cultural exchange – within an informal setting.

As a “big sister” or “big brother”, an Au- Pair occasionally takes on the responsibility of looking after the children. By living with a host family, he/she improves his/her language skills and normally attends a language course and health insurance is provided for as well.He/she gains an insight into the family’s life, as well as culture, language and the lifestyle of the host country. The Au- Pair gets to know more about the daily routine of his or her host family, as well as new customs and habits. He/she gains new experiences, impressions and perspectives. All these are advantages – even for their future careers.

       Duties of an Au-pair

  •  feeding, bathing and playing with the children
  •  babysitting
  •  cooking for the children, doing children’s laundry, tidying and cleaning    children’s rooms, ironing their clothes
  • light shopping
  • keeping the kitchen clean and mopping the floors
  • Total hours expected are 6 hours a day or 30 hours per week
  • taking the children to school/ leisure activities/ play dates and picking them up, supervising and helping with homework

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