Our Au-Pairs in 2016

Chantell Chimwanengara 19 Stuttgart
Chantel Chimwanengara (19) in Stuttgart
Yvonne mutsahuni 19 Bielefeld
Yvonne Mutsahuni (19) in Bielefeld
Charity Mungwari 20 Ravensburg
Charity Mungwari (20) in Ravensburg

My name is Finton Mumbure, I am a musician and live in Germany now. I did my A1 certificate at ZGS in June 2014. I am very happy to share my story with you, to encourage you all to study German and to follow your dreams.
I started learning German for a marriage visa as I am married to a German. When I arrived at the ZGS asking for courses and for the next exam in A1, I was told that it will be quite a challenge to learn enough German in only two months to pass the A1 level exam in June. But I was very lucky to have had a teacher who was ready for the challenge to teach me German in a very short period. During that time, I had 2-3 one on one classes each week and my teacher constantly encouraged me every day. The days before my exam I was really nervous, but at the same time I felt well prepared. I passed the exam confidently and managed to apply for the visa with my A1 certificate! Now, I am living in the west of Germany, in Aachen, and soon I will get back to German classes to constantly improve my knowledge and understanding of  Deutsch!


My name is Juta (far right) and i come from Japan. I have enjoyed Shona lessons at ZGS because it was made easy to understand. Our teacher was so kind and she possess good teaching skills. For example,in class we had  not only simple pronunciation practices but also were also engaged in interesting role-playing.
Also, the other staff members at ZGS were very kind to us and  they  supported us like family. At the moment I can  communicate with Zimbabweans in Shona.


My name is Nokhutula Banda, I started learning the German language in 2009 after I wanted to go to Germany to wor20140927_185509k as an Au-Pair. The Zimbabwe German Society was a very good opportunity for me to learn the language. The teaching methods used by the teachers really helped me. The German language is now integrated in my life and I am now able to communicate with German speaking people. Learning at the Zimbabwe German Society also opened up new opportunities for me. I was offered a six week scholarship to go to Germany and learn the language there. It was a wonderful experience because i got to live in one of Germany’s beautiful cities which is Hamburg, I made new friends and the course was a lot of fun. Through the support of my teachers and a large selection of different books i got to improve my language skills.


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