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 EU Film Festival Day 3: Oh Boy (Germany)- MAY 17 2018

As Oh Boy, begins the twenty-something protagonist Niko Fischer (Tom Schilling) is established as somebody of inaction, a law-school dropout and all-around slacker, living off his father’s allowance while he passively hopes something will come along to spark his interest
Throughout the film the audience also discover that he has quit or dropped out of everything he has ever begun. Waking up next to his girlfriend, he cannot commit to the suggestion of seeing her later in the day and on the spot their relationship ends with a whimper. Niko heads back to his own apartment and spends the next 24 hours drifting around Berlin, going with the flow, turning up late to things, avoiding commitments and only responding to immediate situations. The one constant is his desire for a cup of coffee and the film’s running gag is how circumstances constantly thwart him in this regard.

Despite its self-deprecating tone, Oh Boy does not condemn Niko. For the most part he is a highly sympathetic, identifiable and like-able character to spend the film in the company of. The film’s jazz soundtrack, gorgeous black-and-white cinematography and deadpan humor create a romantic melancholic atmosphere that is highly enjoyable to indulge in, with Niko as a charismatic flâneur. Oh Boy does not necessarily criticize inaction, but it does explore the consequences of inaction in the form of generation divisions and how the past can haunt the present. It blends observational humor with darker social critique about Germany’s collective memory. Admission free.

“Oh Boy”

“You are all invited to come to the EU Filmfestival. The German film “Oh Boy” will be screened on 17 May at 8pm”





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