About us

The GZH/ZGS is a German language and culture centre with a global reach. The Zimbabwe-German Society (ZGS) is a non- profit making organization which was established in 1983 as a society to foster mutual knowledge and understanding between Zimbabweans and  Germans.The Society accomplishes this task through promotion and supporting of  upcoming cultural activities in order to create a bigger cultural identity by supporting Zimbabwean artists inclusive of the cultural sector in Zimbabwe. The above is achieved by providing the artists with a platform for career development. In 1996 the Society announced its inclusion into the Goethe-Institute family and since then it has been officially called  Goethe-Zentrum Harare / Zimbabwe-German Society (GZH/ZGS).GZH/ZGS fosters cultural exchange through organization of events, teaching of the German language as well as Zimbabwes’ official languages which are Shona and Ndebele. As culture is a mirror of a society, GZH/ZGS aims to challenge the thinking of both Zimbabweans and German through intercultural social exchange. Whether you need German for professional, academic or conversational purposes, ZGS is your qualified partner and will support you in reaching your learning goal.We offer courses for groups and individuals at all levels and our exams and certificates are acknowledged worldwide. Please find more information about our language courses on the News site.

For any enquiries, please contact info@goetheharare.org

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